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Dan + Shay Say That Showing Vulnerability Is Important


When Dan + Shay posted about the hard times they went through, their fans reacted. The 4 minute clip called The Drive, was just the two of them driving around in a Jeep talking openly about how their friendship nearly fell apart.

 Both of them say that discussing their mental health turned out to be a really good thing. Shay tells us more:

“We felt it was important that we were very candid with our fans and with people because I think with anything else with the need…like anxiety that other people go through, the more you talk about that stuff, the more it helps and we felt like it was our responsibility to, you know, be open and vulnerable so other people know that, you know, somebody else is going through this as well. You know, we had so many people in the industry reaching out saying, ‘Hey man, thank you guys for posting that video.’ You know I’m going through something similar or whatever it was and I just think it’s important that you’re that you’re vulnerable and open in those times if it’s going to help someone else, even if you feel like you might be a little embarrassed to open up, I think it’s for the good of other people to be able to be vulnerable and I think we owe that to our fans.” SOUNDCUE :39