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Dan + Shay Celebrate 11th Anniversary This Month


As Shay Mooney celebrates his 32nd birthday today (12-27), he’s also celebrating the beginning of Dan + Shay. It was 11 years ago this month that Dan Smyers and Shay met for the first time at a house party at Dan’s place. Since then, the multi-Grammy winning artists have released five albums and gathered fans around the world that hear them on both, country and pop radio.

We talked to them about that chance meeting and Shay told us this:

“I truly can’t really imagine it if that day never came, I would like to think that we would meet somewhere else. You know, connect in a different way. But man, if we wouldn’t have connected that party, I mean we wouldn’t, we wouldn’t be here today. I mean this is it’s a crazy thing to play the what if game but that’s our lives would be completely different.”