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Zach Bryan Reveals All The Bars That Will Get To Preview His New Album


Zach Bryan’s new album, The Great American Bar Scene, will be out on July 4. But the lucky folks who live near the 23 bars that Bryan listed on his Instagram will get the chance to preview the record early on June 24. In keeping with the bar scene theme at the heart of his album, Bryan’s gesture pays tribute to nearly two-dozen neighborhood bars throughout the US and Canada, and the customers who keep them in business.

“My intent with all this is to give everyone an early glimpse of this album, but more importantly, this is in the spirit of bringing people together for a memorable moment,” Bryan said. “I have chosen 23 bars across the country that embody the spirit of American culture. These bars will play select cuts from ‘The Great American Bar Scene’ starting June 24th. As much as I’d kill to play all these timeless bars, it won’t be possible. I will be visiting a few off the list to have a drink with ya’ll. With love from the road, ZB.” (Billboard)