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Tyler Hubbard Recalls His Hard Labor Job


Tyler Hubbard’s job now is singing his songs, but before he could make a living doing that, he spent some time working in the concrete business. He says it was hard work. He tells us more: [“One of the worst jobs – I don’t know if it was the worst job, definitely the most physical, was probably pouring concrete. I did that for a year with a friend that had a concrete business, and we poured a lot of concrete that year, and I just remember really early mornings and really late nights. It was, if the sun was up, we were working, and that was pretty influential in creating the work ethic that I have. It was either that or my dad had a tree service that I grew up working with him doing that, as well, which was again, very manual labor, very long days and taught me a lot about working hard. And so, those were special times and as hard as it was, I’m thankful for those years. I love working hard, and I’m grateful for the struggle that got me where I’m at.”] SOUNDCUE :43 (oc : where I’m at)