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Tyler Hubbard Has Deleted All Of The Social Media From His Phone


Tyler Hubbard is taking a break from social media.

When asked by Taste of Country Nights to share the lyric that describes his life today, Hubbard points to the line in "Back Then Right Now" where he sings, "Back when you took a pic and didn't have to post it."

He told host Evan Paul,"I haven't been taking a lot of pictures for posting lately, and it's been good. [I'm] just being present, man."

The singer continued, "I don't have social media on my phone anymore… It's been a good year of being present and trying not to be too consumed with the social media stuff, even though it's important. But it's something that can take over, you know, if you're not careful."

Hubbard is currently working on his sophomore solo album and getting ready to embark on the In The Air Tour with Kane Brown