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Toby Keith Funeral Arrangements Announced As Carrie Underwood Shares Story About Him


Toby Keith’s family posted this weekend that they'll have a private funeral service for the family, band, and crew, sometime in mid-February… And that a memorial service, open to others, will be announced soon.

They asked that in lieu of flowers that you make a donation at the Toby Keith Foundation to help the OK Kids Korral, which is a haven to the entire family, as a child with cancer, receives treatment.

 Also this weekend, Carrie Underwood reached out to share a story about him. The two of them connected on numerous levels and she says one of the things she respected most about Toby… was his love for their home state of Oklahoma:

“There are so many things that can be said about Mr. Toby Keith. I mean, obviously, he has had such a monumental career. He has some of the biggest songs that ever, ever were or probably ever will be in country music, and obviously, has built up that legacy for himself that will live on,” says Carrie. “But I think one of the best things about Toby is his love for Oklahoma. He’s a proud Okie, and I feel like that’s something that always connected us. We’d talk about it. He’s one of the ones, he never left. No matter how big and famous he got, he was gonna stay in Oklahoma, and he was always the first one there when disaster would strike – tornado or whatever it was. He was the first one like trying to rally the troops or raise money or help out in any way he could. I feel like that’s one of the things that I respect the most about him, he never forgot where he came from and has been such a stellar example to the rest of us to do the same. He, of course, will be missed, but I know full, full well where he is right now. He’s with Jesus, and I for one look forward to hearing him sing again someday. So, prayers and comfort to his family. We’re gonna miss ya, buddy, but we’ll see ya on the other side.” SOUNDCUE: 1:33