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Tim McGraw Refused To Allow Addiction Or Weight Determine 30-year Country Music Career


Tim McGraw has mastered the art of patience when it comes to the success of his career and love life. He didn’t soar to the top of the charts until he released his second album, “Not A Moment Too Soon,” in 1994, the same year he met his life partner Faith Hill. As his marriage and music career took off, he credits his wife in helping him stay on track when it came to his struggle with alcoholism and lack of exercise and junk food back in 2008. McGraw told Yahoo Entertainment that: “I don't think I could stand up straight without leaning on her in everything that I do,” and noted that getting sober while incorporating daily movement had a ripple effect that changed his life for the better from the start to finish of each day. Looking back on his professional and personal ups and downs, McGraw is proud to be releasing his 17th album at the end of the month titled, “Standing Room Only,” with a tour to follow in 2024. (Fox News)