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Thomas Rhett Continues ‘Seeking Advice, Seeking Wisdom’ As A Father


Thomas Rhett's priority in life is being a great parent to his four daughters. As a father, he says his education in that role is ever-evolving. ["There's so many things that I've taken away from my parents that I'm incorporating into my own kids, but there's also certain things that I've just kind of found along the way of how me and Lauren want to raise our kids, and so I do feel like it trickles from generation to generation. We do a lot of things our parents do but then there's some things that we don't do that our parents did and we kind of figure it out along the way, so (I'm) always seeking advice, always seeking wisdom because being a parent is a million times harder than this job will ever be."] SOUNDCUE (:27 OC: . . . will ever be.)

Thomas' Home Team Tour rolls on to Louisiana this weekend, but he'll be home on Sunday (June 18th) to celebrate Father's Day with his family.

Thomas sits at Number 13 and climbing on the Mediabase country chart this week with "Angels."