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Priscill Block Releases ‘Good On You’


Platinum-selling artist, Priscilla Block is one of 4 songwriters on her new single, “Good On You.” The Raleigh, North Carolina native says it’s about moving-on from an ex who was never gonna be Mr. Right.

Just a few days ago, she posted a clip of the new song and says everyone is “going crazy for it.” Priscilla tells us more:

“‘Good On You’ is one of my favorite songs the I’ve put out in so long. I wrote it with Laura Veltz, Jessie Jo Dillon and David Garcia, and this song, I feel like so many people have lost their selves, whether it was in a relationship or a friendship or just trying to alter who you are to make somebody else feel better. And this whole song is just about getting your power back and being like I’m not changing for anyone.” OUT CUE :28