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Preparing For Vegas, Carrie Underwood’s Christmas Tree Is Already Up


Carrie Underwood has learned, that in the entertainment business, you celebrate the holidays when you can. This weekend, she’ll kick off a December Vegas Residency that extends through the 16th. Which means… that by the time she gets to spend time in Nashville for the holidays, Christmas will be in full swing. So with that in mind, her family is already enjoying a Christmas tree. Carrie explains:

“My Christmas decorating schedule honestly depends on my schedule (laughs), so this year, I decorated before Thanksgiving which is not really something that I would like to do,” says Carrie. “I think the ideal time to decorate for Christmas is the weekend right after Thanksgiving. It’s like Thanksgiving’s over, you just bust out all of the Christmas stuff. That’s when it really kinda starts getting chilly outside, and you get to start making fires in the fireplace and really start putting the Christmas presents under the tree. There’s nothing sadder than a Christmas tree up with no presents underneath it, so I don’t really think that you want to get your Christmas tree up too early, but this year I was a little earlier than normal because we had Thanksgiving and then head out to Vegas for my Reflection shows and I had to get everything up before I left.” SOUNDCUE :51 OC: up before I left.