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Parmalee Celebrates 10 Years Of Grand Ole Opry Appearances


Parmalee celebrated 10 years of Grand Ole Opry appearances Wednesday (July 12th) night, with a three-song set and a special dedication.

The band opened with their current hit “Girl In Mine,” followed by “Take My Name,” Billboard’s Most Played Country Song of 2022, before closing with their first #1 single, “Carolina.”

The final number was dedicated to the mother of bandmembers Matt and Scott Thomas, who mortgaged her home to pay for the group’s first recording session.

Matt told the crowd, “We went in the studio to record the first version of this song and our ‘buddy’ who was helping us out with the money, wrote us a check to pay the studio bill, but the check bounced. So, we owed the studio guy $11,000 and the only person I felt comfortable asking to help was my mom. She took out a second mortgage on her little three-bedroom house and wrote a check to cover the bill. And here’s the kicker, one of those songs was ‘Carolina.’ So, we paid her back plus 20% and new car so here’s to all the momma’s and daddy’s out there supporting your babies and your dreamers y’all!