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Morgan Wallen Introduces Ryl Sweet Tea


Morgan Wallen recently shared his new partnership with Ryl Tea on social media, and that's where he turned yesterday (Thursday, May 25th) to post about the brand and its new flavor, called Ryl Sweet Tea. He wrote in part, “Ryl Tea and I worked hard to capture the taste I remember from my childhood. It took time, but it was well worth the wait. I love this sweet tea and the fact that it’s healthy makes it all the better. This tea takes me right back to my Mamaw’s front porch on a hot summer’s day . . .”

The black tea-based drink swaps sugar out for Monk Fruit, Stevia Leaf Extract, and Allulose, as well as an antioxidant boost of 200mg of tea polyphenols. The beverage has zero sugar and only a handful of calories.

Morgan said, “It feels good to bring a clean and healthy product like this to my fans that love sweet tea, too.”

In addition to being a spokesperson for Ryl Tea, his is also an investor.

Wallen’s Sweet Tea can be purchased now online at It retails for $27.99 per 12-pack. According to the website, however, it is currently sold out.