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Mitchell Tenpenny Chooses ‘Jack Frost’ As His Favorite Christmas Movie


A few years ago, Mitchell Tenpenny recorded a few Christmas songs and says that “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” just might be his favorite. So, we talked to him about Holiday traditions and he brought up one of his favorite movies… One featuring Michael Keaton and Kelly Preston that came out 10 years before he was born. Mitchell told us this:
Favorite Christmas movie and why. Jack Frost for some reason, I don’t know it’s, I kind of relate to it you know the dad’s gotta miss a lot of life because he’s a touring musician. And then unfortunately he does pass away but then he comes back as Jack Frost and he’s awesome and I don’t know, there’s a big snowball fight and he can like snowboard and I don’t know the movie is just amazing. It’s one of my favorites and I love when snowman come alive. :22 OC: snowman come alive.