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Miranda Lambert Broke Up A Catfight During Her Performance


During Miranda Lambert’s performance in Midland, Texas over the weekend, the country star noticed that a catfight had broken out in the crowd. While Lambert was performing her 2018 ACM Awards Song of the Year-winning hit, “Tin Man,” she noticed that there was a commotion in the crowd. “Is everybody ok? Did somebody faint? Are you good? Are y’all fightin’? During this song? Because I will come down there and you don’t want that. We’re not doing that today,” Lambert threatened from the stage. “I’m gonna go east Texas red on your a** real quick. It ain’t worth it. It’s always the girls, we always get riled up and start punching each other.” Once Lambert assessed the situation, she ejected the rowdy, fighting fans so they didn’t ruin the show for everyone else. “Dear police, can we just go ahead and remove them, that’d be great,” she said. “Thank you very much.” (Taste of Country)