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Michael Ray Is ‘Pumped’ For Today’s Release Of New EP


Michael Ray's new EP, Dive Bars & Broken Hearts, is released today (Friday, June 23rd). The six-track project represents his journey over the last few years, according to Michael, who tells us that through that he has a whole new perspective and appreciation, especially for the music. ["You know, I've done a lot of work, a lot of self-reflecting, a lot of just wanting to realize as a man 'how can I be better' first, and then as an artist, 'how can I be better?' I think when you get your priorities in check like that I think things just kind of start making more sense, so now it's just like, 'Boom! I'm here, man! Let's go! Here's the music.' I'm so pumped for it. I just feel like I'm excited about just having like a whole new look on life and having a whole new love for something that you've always loved."] SOUNDCUE (:29 OC: . . . you've always loved.)

Fans can hear Michael perform the new music tonight as he takes the stage in Buffalo, NY, followed by a performance in Catskill, NY on Saturday (June 24th).