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Megan Moroney’s New Single Came From Personal Experience


Megan Moroney has two songs in the Top 30 right now… “I’m Not Pretty,” which has been charting since August. Plus, her collaboration with Old Dominion, “Can’t Break Up Now.” And it looks like she’s about to add a 3rd song to that list.

Megan’s new single, “No Caller ID,” was produced by Sugar Land’s Kristian Bush. We talked with Megan about her new song and she says the idea came from a personal experience:

“So No Caller ID was written with Jessi Alexander, Jessie Joe Dillon and Connie Harrington. And I was in the middle of tour, it was in July. And it was like the first free day I had to write. So we wrote the first song, which is going to be on my next album, and then we had some time after because we wrote that one so quickly. And I was like, kind of just explaining what was going on in my life. And No Caller ID is about if you’ve had an ex that is blocked and still finds ways to contact you. I think you’ll just kind of understand the song, but I like the growth that the song shows and represents and it’s one of my favorites.” :40