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Luke Combs Wanted To Introduce A New Generation To ‘Fast Car’


Luke Combs has been a fan of his latest hit, “Fast Car,” since he was a kid and heard the song's original singer and writer, Tracy Chapman, sing it on a cassette tape that belonged to his dad. One of the reasons he wanted to record it for his latest album, Gettin' Old, was to introduce “Fast Car” to a younger generation of fans.

Luke tells us: “I love that song so much, and I think it’s such a great song that it deserves to be heard by a whole generation of people that haven’t haven’t heard it before, and so to be able to, like, have an opportunity to do that, especially with a song that’s meant so much to me and my love of music from as far back as I can remember is super unique.”

Luke's version of “Fast Car” sits inside the Top Five on the Mediabase chart this week.