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Lady A To Perform On ABC This Week


Even through Lady A just released their new single, “Love You Back,” you hear a lot of their Christmas songs this time of year from their album, On This Winter’s Night, which they recorded over 10 years ago.

In fact they’re scheduled to sing on CMA Country Christmas, on Thursday, (Dec. 14) at 8pm ET on ABC.

Between their three families, Hillary Scott, Charles Kelley, and Dave Heywood have 6 kids that range in age between 3 and 10 years old. So they each have a lot to look forward to on Christmas morning.

We asked them about traditions and specifically about their Christmas trees. And they all agreed on one thing, it has to be a fake tree:

Charles Kelley – “I would love to have a real tree, and we used to have it, and then I would always wonder why I couldn’t breathe. Dave and I share in our, we’re allergic to everything in this world, so we have to have fake trees.”
Hillary, Scott – “They’re not as messy. They still kinda shed anyway, like a real tree, but I don’t know, I just feel like the sap and everything, it gets on my floor.”
Dave Haywood – “Which some people love, but for me, it’s just a little too much maintenance at Christmastime. I’d rather focus on (the family) presents, family, food, and then the tree just pops in the attic.” Hillary – “Pre-lit tree.” Charles – “Oh, God, you’re goin’ super lazy on us.” Dave – “You at least need to put some lights on it.” Charles – “I was gonna say, at least string the lights up.” SOUNDCUE :34 OC: string the lights up.