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Justin Moore And Priscilla Block Didn’t Record Hit Duet Together


Justin Moore and Priscilla Block have a hit on their hands with their current duet, "You, Me, And Whiskey," but interestingly, they did not record the song together in the studio. Justin and Priscilla tell us: ["We weren’t together for this particular one, but thankfully technology allows us the opportunity to do it without being together. (Priscilla) Yeah, I was able to go in with his guys, and it honestly kinda felt like he was there. (Justin) They’re kind of an extension of me. My producer, he’s been my producer almost 2 decades now, and he knows what I’m wantin’ to accomplish, and vice versa. And he’s as much of a knucklehead, if not more than I am, so I knew she would be in good hands.”] SOUNDCUE (:29 OC: . . . in good hands.)

"You, Me And Whiskey" sits inside the Top 10 on the Mediabase chart. The song is included on Justin's Stray Dog album, which was released in May.