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Julie Roberts Opens Up About Celiac Disease Diagnosis


Julie Roberts opened up about her celiac disease diagnosis in an interview with People published Thursday (August 24th).

The platinum-selling country artist revealed that every single time she would eat, she would throw up, leading to a late night ER visit in October of 2022 where she weighed only 99lbs.

She admitted, “There were a few months of not knowing what was going on, honestly. I knew I was sick, and I was having to get fluids and I couldn't keep food down.”

Additionally, the autoimmune disease caused her Multiple Sclerosis symptoms to return. Roberts shared, “I went to my neurologist, and he recommended that I get back on an MS disease modifying therapy. There are so many new ones out now since I was first diagnosed — we are going through and finding which ones will work so I know if I ever had a celiac disease flare-up again, it hopefully wouldn't affect my MS.”

Now, fueled by a gluten-free diet, the singer has gained back 15lbs and is once again able to tour.