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Jon Pardi Says He’s ‘Retired’ From Drinking


Jon Pardi says he has “lost a bunch of weight” in the time since he gave up alcohol, explaining that a diagnosis of being pre-diabetic made him want to get sober. He said: “I was just like, 'I gotta stop,' I really was getting to the point where every picture, every video, I was so unhappy with myself.”

Pardi has about 130 days of alcohol sobriety, but says he’s not committed to giving up the drink for the rest of his life.

In an interview posted by Taste of Country, he commented about his drinking and said: “I will say I'm retired, okay? Doesn't mean I can't come out of retirement. But for right now, it's been great.”

Happy with his lighter weight, he said: “I just did a photo shoot and I was like … 'Damn, I look good.”

Pardi says he still has sugar cravings and won't give up ice cream.