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Jon Pardi Celebrates 10 Years On Country Radio


Jon Pardi has something to celebrate… 10 years ago this week, he released his debut album, Write You a Song. Since then, he’s charted six #1 songs.

The album produced his first two breakthrough hits… “’Missin’ You Crazy” and “Up All Night.” We talked to Jon about the title track and he shared this:

“Well, ‘Write You a Song’ was the second song I’d ever co-written in Nashville, and it was like 2010, maybe in 2009, and it just stuck for so long. That’s a long time to just stick around, but once you hear it, it’s just so in your face and it’s fun. It’s talking about this guy that tours around the country in a van, and he’d always meet girls at shows, and he’s just having fun and they’re having fun. It doesn’t sound like me at all, you know, it doesn’t sound like me at all. But, this song has brought that guy to life, who’s not me, I’m just saying. It’s about writing chicks songs, and as I listen to the 11 songs, ‘Write You a Song,’ sticks out, and that’s why it’s the title track. It’s like you want to have a title for your essay you turned in in high school, or you have a title for your track list. Boom – ‘Write You a Song.’” SOUNDCUE :51