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Jelly Roll’s Love Of Doughnuts Earned Him His Nickname


Jason DeFord, better known as Jelly Roll, earned his nickname when he was a little boy, compliments of his mother. He tells us: “So I was a chunky little kid that loved doughnuts and every Sunday after church I'd get one. She called me her little jelly roll, and then I had a high school friend named 'One-Arm' Clay, in middle school, actually, that started calling me that cause he knew it was my mama's nickname for me and it stuck. I mean, once 'One-Arm' Clay started calling me that . . . I love this because there's a different between a nickname and a stage name. You know what the difference is? You don't get to pick your nickname.”

Jelly Roll continues climbing towards the top of the country charts with his latest hit, “Need A Favor.” The song sits at Number Seven on the Mediabase chart this week.