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Jelly Roll Offers To Pay The College Tuition Of A Young Fan


During a recent free performance at Nashville’s Skydeck on Broadway, Jelly Roll made a generous offer to a young fan in the crowd. 18-year-old Joy Gadalla had spent the previous month caring for her ailing grandmother in the hospital, and wanted to see the show for some much-needed emotional release.  She waited in line for five hours, and was just feet from Jelly Roll when he started to perform. Jelly noticed her because of a sign she was holding up on her phone.

“I took like a black picture and then wrote, ‘Please pay my tuition,’ and just held it up,” Gadalla recalled. Jelly Roll read the words to the crowd, then said, “I’m going to give you the opportunity to change your life right here on this date.” He said that someone from his team would be in touch to learn more about her tuition situation. “We will help you get through school,” Jelly Roll promised her, making her night and potentially altering her entire life in the process. (Country Now)