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Jason Aldean May Have Chosen A Different Filming Location For ‘Try This In A Small Town’ If He’d Known What He Knows Now


Jason Aldean is having second thoughts about recording his “Try That In A Small Town” music video at Tennessee’s Maury County Courthouse.

He told CBS Mornings that he might have nixed the filming location if he had known it’s racist history. When asked, he said, “Knowing what I know now, probably not. But also – I’m not gonna go back 100 years and check on the history of this building because, honestly, if you’re in the South, you could probably go to any small-town courthouse, you're going to be hard-pressed to find one that hasn’t had some racial issue over the years at some point. That’s just a fact. For anybody that thinks that we picked that building specifically for that reason, because there was a lynching there, whatever.”

The Maury County Courthouse was where a Black man named Henry Coate was lynched in 1972 and the Columbia Race Riot also occurred there in 1946.