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Jason Aldean Had To Be Talked Into Releasing “Big Green Tractor”


In a new interview on Taste of Country Nights with Evan Paul, Jason Aldean reveals that one of his biggest hits almost didn’t see the light of day. When Aldean was asked if he had a hit song that he didn’t initially think would be a hit at all, the country star wasted little time in responding, “Big Green Tractor.” The song would, at the time, become Aldean’s third career number one hit on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart in September of 2009. “I mean I thought the song was cool, ya know, and I cut it,” Aldean recalls. “But I never…to this day, that song was No. 1 for four weeks, and I’ve never had another song stay for four weeks. Michael Knox, my producer, was the one that sort of talked me into it. He was like, ‘I’m telling ya man, there’s something about this song.’ But once the album came out, people were kind of gravitating towards it and stuff, and I’m like, ‘Really?! That one?"” (Taste of Country)