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Garth Brooks Officially Opens Nashville Honky Tonk


The day after Thanksgiving, about a thousand fans with an invitation lined up for blocks to see Garth Brooks perform at the opening of his new Nashville venue. Some were waiting for up to 18 hours.

Friends in Low Places Bar and Honky-Tonk, was jam packed to see Garth play a 55-minute set. Ronnie Dunn and Trisha Yearwood performed for the grand opening too. We talked to Garth about it and he explained that it’s not only a great place to see a show, but it was also built to accommodate the entertainer:

“I’m going to admit this – it’s too nice! What the hell – ain’t no honky-tonk I was raised in that looks like this, right? There was no ‘green room.’ There was no ‘backstage.’ No ‘retractable stage’ – this thing can go all the way into the wall in case you just want to DJ here and open up the dance floor. It’s crazy. The sound system is amazing – they have a booth over here for sound! Are you kidding me? So…yeah. I’m a little…a little disappointed in my boys for making it…making it as nice as they’ve made it.” SOUNDCUE :30 OC: they’ve made it