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Firerose Accuses Billy Ray Cyrus Of Abuse In Divorce Filing Response


Following Billy Ray Cyrus’ filing for divorce from Firerose back in May, the singer’s estranged wife has responded with accusations that he committed multiple forms of abuse against her. On Friday, Firerose submitted her own divorce filing, and according to the documents, the actress/model claims that she was, “the victim of extreme verbal, emotional, and psychological abuse.” Firerose’s complaint goes on to say, “Wife was subjected to Husband’s persistent drug use accompanied with the consumption of marijuana which made Husband unpredictable and volatile towards Wife.”

Firerose also states that when Cyrus originally filed for divorce, she was only one day away from undergoing a preventative double mastectomy, and that she felt “unsafe” living with him in the weeks leading up to her surgery and that his volatile behavior put her, “into an emotional and psychological prison.” (Entertainment Weekly)