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Dustin Lynch Opens Up About Being Single


Dustin Lynch is about to release his sixth studio album, Killed the Cowboy. The country star recently revealed to People that putting out six albums in twelve years has caused his personal life to fall by the wayside.

He told the outlet, “I’m single right now. What I’ve learned is I’ve got to continue to have a personal life and embrace what’s missing in my life, which is a relationship.”

Lynch continued, “I think that’s something that I want to continue to keep in the forefront, like, ‘OK. What’s me happy five, 10, 20, 30 years from now if I'm blessed to have that many? Is that with one person? Is that with kids?' I don't know the answer yet."

In addition to his busy career, he blames his status as a bachelor on his tendency to overthink.  

The "Small Town Boy" singer explained, "I think what scares me off a lot is I don't want to miss the right one because I went on a date with the wrong one, even if it's one date."