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Dolly Parton Is Searching For Three Actresses To Portray Her On Broadway


Dolly Parton recently revealed to People that she’s considering holding a “Finding Dolly” contest to find the right actors to portray her in a Broadway musical based on her life.

She told the outlet that she’s not just looking for one Dolly – but three – to portray her at all phases of her life.

The “Jolene” singer said, “We're going to be auditioning and trying to find them through different means. I think that'll be fun for people, too. You never know where you're going to find them. They may never have been on stage before, or maybe in some local theater somewhere, but we're going to look for them and that's going to be part of the fun, I think.”

Her goal is to bring the musical – which she wrote the music and half of the script for – to New York by the end of 2025.

The Grammy winner said of the project, “That'd be the one that I want to make certain I get done while I'm still kicking, while I'm around to stay involved in it.”