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Dolly Parton Gets Emotional About A New Attraction At Dollywood


Dollywood, the theme park dedicated to all things Dolly Parton, has added a new attraction that has caused the Queen of Country to get emotional. The Dolly Parton Experience uses interactive modern technology and an archive of Parton’s costumes and music to tell the story of Dolly’s legendary life and career. “The whole experience was overwhelming to me because it really just showed my life just flashing before my eyes,” Parton said. “It was overwhelming just remembering so much of my life through the years and all the people that have been a part of my life—some of them still here, some of them not. Of course, I was emotional, but there was so much joy in it as well. To think that I had been able to do what my little girl dreams were. To be able to see those dreams come true, and then to see them all play around us.” (Parade)