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Darius Rucker Believes Morgan Wallen Has Become A Better Person After Racial Slur Video


During Darius Rucker’s recent appearance on the Rolling Stone Music Now podcast, the country singer discussed the backlash that Morgan Wallen received after a video surfaced back in 2021 featuring Wallen using a racial slur. “I think Morgan’s become a better person since that,” Rucker shared. “I’ve known Morgan a long time. Since all that happened, Morgan’s tried to really better himself and become a better person and see the world in a much better, better way.” Wallen has recovered professionally from the incident and had a wildly successful music career, but Rucker said that he hasn’t been fully forgiven by some in the industry. “He’s still not out for CMAs and ACMs,” Rucker said. “They can say what they want, but the fact that Morgan Wallen is not up for entertainer of the year and those things is crazy. No one’s selling more tickets than Morgan.” (Hollywood Reporter)