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Cody Johnson Wasn’t Willing To Record Duet Without Carrie Underwood


Cody Johnson has already revealed that his upcoming studio album will feature a duet with Carrie Underwood. While he hasn't revealed the song's title, he did tell us during CMA Fest that he wouldn't even consider recording it with another female artist. “I didn't want to record it unless I could have Carrie on it. I've loved Carrie's music but she wasn't like . . . I don't have her poster on my wall, but when I heard this song I heard her voice, and I just knew that it was gonna work out. We had never sang together, so when we get in the room and we start singing together it's like family harmony. The only way I can describe it is kinda like the way it was growing up singing with my mom. It just instantly fits and it meshes.”

Cody recently revealed that he has recorded two dozen songs for the new project, which he says will be titled Leather. No release date has been announced.