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Bunnie XO On Her Sex Life With Jelly Roll: “My Husband Is So Vanilla”


On a new episode of her Dumb Blonde podcast, Bunnie XO shared revealing details about her sex life with her famous husband, Jelly Roll. The 44-year-old host said that her and Jelly are often so busy and tired that sex is the furthest thing from their mind, and that they prefer to cuddle and watch TV instead. “The last thing we ever think about is sex — I mean, I think about it all the time and I’m sure he does too — but we are just so busy and so tired,” Bunnie reveals. “We love crawling into bed and just watching a TV show together. That’s like foreplay to us.” And as far as spicing up their sex life together, Bunnie jokes about how Jelly Roll isn’t very imaginative when it comes to their lovemaking. “My husband is so vanilla,” she teased. “He doesn’t like any of that s–t. He is like, ‘Just ride me and get off.’” (Billboard