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Bunnie XO Defends Her Relationship With Jelly Roll


TikTok users are jealous that a guy who looks like Jelly Roll has such a hot wife, and Bunnie Xo has had enough.

The podcast host and model stitched a clip of a woman defending the "Son of a Sinner" singer and added, “My husband is the prize here and I have been screaming it from the mountain top since we got together. I’ve said this numerous times, but the biggest flex my husband and I have as a couple and as individuals is the growth that him and I both have made together and apart in the last eight years.”

She continued, “And a man that makes his partner, his wife, want to be a better woman because he’s such a great man, is the ultimate flex and that’s daddy AF energy, baby. I absolutely despise the comparisons my husband get because of how we look on the outside. People think we’re so opposite, but they don’t even realize that my husband and I are the same human, just a different font.”

The couple met in 2015 after Bunnie saw Jelly perform at Sin City’s Country Saloon in Las Vegas. They married a year later, in August 2016.