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Brothers Osborne: John Says His Kids Keep Him Grounded


Brothers Osborne's new single, “Nobody’s Nobody,” is climbing the charts right now. And on March 28th they’ll launch the Might As Well Be Us Tour in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

A lot has changed in their family life since this time last year. TJ became an uncle, as John and his wife Lucie Silvas became parents of twins last March. 

As hectic as things are in his career, John told us, his kids bring a great calmness into his homelife:

“Having kids is like the most eye-opening thing in the world, because you realize that you’ve been working for yourself for so long, for your own good. Now everything I think of now is how do I provide better for them? How do I make sure their lives are great? It completely flips. Your brain goes that way. You’re a provider now. But I will say having kids, it makes me a little less patient with other people now than I used to be, because like I feel protective, like every decision now is going to affect them. And I have said this a lot in the last few years, I do struggle with a bit of anxiety and one of the problems in our world and just like in society in general, is being present, but when I’m with those kids, I have no anxiety. They teach me every day about being present and being just the simple things in life, you know? When I look at them and I see them smile, I don’t think about how much the bus is going to cost this year, and this budget and where’s our song on the radio and what’s happening. I don’t care. I’m like this is the most amazing thing ever. So, it is honestly the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me. Period.” SOUNDCUE: 1:07