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Bailey Zimmerman Enjoying Success On Pop Chart With Jonas Brothers


Bailey Zimmerman is set to kick off his completely sold-out tour on February 1, in Los Angles. A few of the stops include Denver, St. Louis, Nashville, Philadelphia, and Boston.

He’ll hit the stage with two multi-Platinum singles and an album full of songs his audience will know. His collaboration with Jonas Brothers, “Strong Enough,” is nearing the Top 20 on the Pop charts. Plus, his single “Where It Ends” is on the Country charts right now.  

As Bailey’s songs cross music genres, we asked him how he writes and chooses the songs he records:

“I remember being 15, 16, going through heartbreaks and 17, 18, 19, going through heart breaks and going ‘man, I wish I had a song that said this. I wish I had a song that would talk about this because this is what I’m going through.’ So, when I found music and started doing music, I really just…how can I make people feel like this is their song and I wrote this about them. But still make it true to me as well, and that’s what my goal has been this whole time.”  SOUNDCUE :24